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What is the role of biosensors on next generation health care?

"Biosensors provide a new mean of diagnosing, monitoring and maintaining health by being the first level of data collection and analsysis. Just in the healthcare sector alone in 2014, the global market for biosensors was more than $18B. Types of biosensors and their diagnostic capabilities can range from wearables to in-vitro to ingested to leveraging NFC and Medical Body Area Networks.
  • What are the key technologies that drive the development and adoption of these biosensors?
  • How do healthcare IT handle the Big Data?
  • What are the risks of adopting the biosensors?
  • How do vendors or healthcare provide monetize the opportunities?
  • How close are we to leveraging these mobile sensors technologies to provide real-time, personalized care?

VC Roundtable

for Investment Outlook on Emerging Disruptive Trends

This roundtable discussion focuses on the opportunities and challenges for the emerging disruptive trends such as UAW, connected car, robots etc. Our visionary VCs and seasoned investors will present a great view on the trends.


How to monetize the red hot wearable future?

"Wearables are really red hot for both consumers and business with the recent successful IPO of FitBit. USA Today has earlier declared 2015 as The Year of Healthcare for Wearables. They are dramatically changing the landscape of business and everyday life. It seems like everywhere you look there is a new piece of wearable technology to help people monitor their health and lifestyle. The latest and greatest, of course, is the Apple Watch, which hit the newswire with a bang recently. 

Yet, despite the limitless opportunity for this emergent technology, and the staggering 20% of American adults own a wearable device, issues such as price, privacy, security, lack of actionable data and inconsistent data and often undesirable user experience are challenges for greater adoption. These issues also hinders the business models on how to monetize in the wearable ecosystem. 

This panel will address the upcoming industry wide move in its ecosystem to address the above issues from the perspectives of consumers, their providers and insurance payers."


Internet of Everything on the Horizon

"Smart is the trendy key word. Internet of everything era is coming into consumer and essentially all vertical markets (manufacturing, agriculture(manufacturing, agriculture (sensors to address water drought and crop productivity), automotive, retail etc. 

With rapid advance in sensor, smart hardware and artificial intelligence technologies, we will see widespread adoption of drone, robots and driverless cars in the near future. The driving force is the cost reduction and 

This panel provides forward looking view from both technology and business perspectives on future of internet of everything."


Data Driven Society

"Recent technological advances and novel applications, such as IOT, smart mobile devices, cloud computing, new forms of eCommerce and social networks, are making possible to capture, process, and share huge amounts of data – referred to as big data - and to extract useful knowledge, such as patterns, from this data and predict trends and events. Big data is making possible tasks that before were impossible, like preventing disease spreading and crime, personalizing healthcare, quickly identifying business opportunities, managing emergencies, protecting the homeland, and so on. As boldly predicted by Alibaba founder, Jack Ma, the future society will be a data driven society. 

The goal of this panel is to discuss some fundamental big data techniques and their applications in key areas. Our panelist will also share their views on how the technology and its applications would change our lives."



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